Our Ultimate Fat Loss Programme

For our most powerful fat loss solution, we combine the Emerald Laser treatment with the Body Ballancer lymphatic massage system and track your results using the Styku 3D body scanner.

We believe so much in the magic of using these three solutions together, we’ve created a special package which significantly reduces the cost when you combine all these technologies.

Fat Liquifying Laser

The Emerald Lasers low level laser creates temporary holes in the fat cells within your chosen treatment area. This allows the liquid fat to seep out of your fat cells into your bodies Lymphatic system.

Body Ballancer

The Body Ballancer stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, accelerating the removal of the liquid fat in your body. This is crucial because any liquid fat which is not eliminated will be reabsorbed.


The Styku creates a 3D visualisation of your body, with hundreds of measurements with less than a 1% error. This gives you an accurate picture of your weight loss journey, plotting your progress and motivating you to reach your goal.

Limited time special offer

Try our Ultimate Fat Loss Programme for just £50

We are celebrating the recent launch of Shrink with an introductory offer. Have a trial session on the Emerald and Body Ballancer combined for just £50, worth £195!

Special Offer



To celebrate the launch of Shrink we’re offering a trial of our ultimate fat loss programme where you will get to try out both of our fat loss machines for just £50

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