The first 48 hours after your Emerald Laser treatment are vital!


The laser treatment you have just had has liquified fat from your fat cells, and it’s now up to you to eliminate it from your body. Any liquid fat which is not eliminated will eventually be re-absorbed. Think of it like a melted candle; if you don’t pour the wax out, it will harden again.

The positive effects of the laser on the fat cells will continue for the next few weeks, so the best results will be achieved by adopting these techniques for the entire time you are receiving the treatments. And the first 48 hours after each treatment are absolutely vital!

Water, Water, Water

The liquid fat is currently sitting in your lymphatic system. It needs a “whoosh” of water to flush it out. You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to do this. Add electrolytes if you can.

Burn that liquid fat away

Use any excuse for movement. Daily walking, taking the stairs or get into the housework. If you have a regular exercise class or activity, try to time this within 48 hours of your treatment. Swimming is particularly good for the lymphatics!

Vibration plates or lymphatic massages

A session on the Body Ballancer® will kickstart your lymphatics. If you have the opportunity to do more vibration or lymphatic therapy then do it.

Minimise alcohol

Alcohol blocks a hormone which effects your kidney’s ability to release water, restricting your body’s ability to flush out the liquid fat.

Minimise Carbohydrates

Avoid bread, pasta, lager, potatoes, sugar, chocolates, sweets and fruit juices. We want to push your body into pure fat burning mode to use up the liquid fat. Focus instead on increasing your protein intake, including meat, fish, eggs & cheese.

Cold showers

Turn your shower to cold for the last minute to get your lymphatics pumping.

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