Revolutionary Fat Loss without surgery

The world’s most advanced fat loss laser has just arrived in York!

Our ultimate fat loss system

We combine the revolutionary new Emerald fat reducing laser with the Body Balancer lymphatic massage system and the Styku 3D body scanner for the Ultimate fat loss solution.

Our 3 Step Magic Formula

Fat Liquifying Laser

The Emerald Lasers creates temporary holes in the fat cells allowing the liquid fat to seep out.

Lymphatic Drainage

The Body Ballancer stimulates the lymphatic system, removing the liquid fat from your body. 

3D Body Scan

The Styku creates a 3D visualisation, so you can track the changes in your body shape. 

Real Customer Results

"Fabulous results from 8 treatments"

6 Sessions of Emerald Laser treatment, with a weight loss programme

10 sessions on the Emerald and Body Ballancer

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Blake House

2a St Martins Lane,

York, YO1 6LN

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To celebrate the launch of Shrink we’re offering a trial of our ultimate fat loss programme where you will get to try out both of our fat loss machines for just £50

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